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  1. Participate in a HOPE Workshop (workshop fee, contact us)
  2. Complete your own personal work
  3. Complete the Caring Resources HOPE leadership/facilitator training ($300)


  • Biblical Principles
  • Leading and Facilitating
  • Training Facilitators
  • Addressing difficult situations
  • Small group guidelines
  • Building a Team
  • Planning and Promotion
  • Formats and scheduling

You will receive:

  • 1 DVD set
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Access to the on-line HOPE Implentation Manual (Getting Started, HOPE Formats and Schedules, HOPE Facilitators, Building and Promoting HOPE, HOPE for Large Groups, for Youth, and in Other Cultures, Teaching Outlines / Notes)
  • Ongoing support from Caring Resources
  • Access to revisions and up-grades

A Licensed HOPE Leader may charge up to $220 per participant, paying Caring Resources $50 per participant (this $50 fee includes 1 book and 1 workbook for the participant)

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