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WORKBOOK: Strength for Today
WORKBOOK: Strength for Today (back)
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Strength For Today (Workbook)

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Strength For Today (Workbook)


This book can be used as a daily devotional alone or with the Effective Caregiving Videos for a support group.

Product Description

Caregiving is not easy! This resource has proved to be an amazing tool for caregivers!

Strength For Today provides forty Biblical topics that allow the caregiver to process obstacles, frustrations, and concerns of caregiving, while maintaining a proper Biblical perspective and receiving encouragement.  Daily Scripture and prayer bookend each refreshingly honest window into a caregiver’s heart.

This book can be used as a daily devotional alone or with the Effective Caregiving Videos for a support group.

Caregiving 911:

  • Honor
  • Obstacles to Honor (history, behavior, stress)
  • Forgiveness
  • Provision
  • Respect
  • My Part
  • God’s Part
  • Notes and discussion questions

Communication Relief:

  • This Isn’t What I Wanted
  • Talking to God
  • A Bigger Picture
  • Being a Safe Person
  • Listening Well
  • This Isn’t What My Loved One Wanted
  • Dodging the Emotional Ball
  • L-I-V ing
  • On Guard
  • Choosing Obedience
  • Notes and Discussion

Power in Planning:

  • Where Are We? Contemplating a Family Plan
  • Conducting the Family Meeting
  • When the Planner Refuses to Plan
  • “Why Am I Still Here?”
  • Remembering God’s Faithfulness
  • Inviting a Verbal Legacy
  • Finishing Well—The Pace For the Race
  • Planning—Your gift For Your Family
  • This is Not All About Me
  • God Delights in Me
  • Notes and Discussion

Dealing with Death:

  • Path For the Righteous
  • Nourishing
  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Review Your Relationship
  • Write Your Letter
  • Joy Comes in the Morning
  • Weep With Those Who Weep
  • When It’s Time
  • Letting Go
  • Relationship is Everlasting
  • Notes and Discussion

Each Strength for Today workbook includes the Effective Caregiving CD.

The Effective Caregiving materials offer tips and encouragement for all caregivers. The devotional, Strength For Today, used with the videos, provides a great structure for a Caregiver Support Group in your church or community.


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