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About Us

Founded by Farrar Moore and Sheryl Cook

Caring Resources is a non-profit training ministry that was established by two people who believe that there is a Godly, biblically-based system that effectively ministers a process of mental and emotional renewal for believers.

Caring Resources is recognized as a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Partnering With Us

Many people who realize their need for HOPE do not have the finances to cover the cost. Each person you support through a HOPE Workshop opens the door for hundreds more to experience and extend God’s love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Our Founders

Farrar Moore and Sheryl Cook are gifted teachers, authors, facilitators and mentors. Sheryl has a graduate degree in Education from Middle Tennessee State University and is a Certified Grief Recovery Counselor. Farrar, also a Certified Grief Recovery Counselor, has a graduate degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary.

Farrar and Sheryl recognized the need for practical action steps and support for themselves and their loved ones as they faced the challenges of providing end of life support and care for grandparents and parents. They sought to provide tools that would benefit hurting and overwhelmed caregivers.

  • Sara and Brian Felushko are licensed by Caring Resources to train HOPE facilitators. They are based in Vancouver and are available to conduct and/or train facilitators in Canada and Washington State.
  • Nancy Grabe conducts workshops in Georgia and Florida.
  • Jody Costa conducts workshops in Louisiana and is licensed to train HOPE facilitators.
  • Lynn Hall conducts workshops in Nashville, Tennessee.


HOPE, an effective, life-changing process, is the primary outreach of Caring Resources.

Why is HOPE effective? This workshop enables believers like you and me to provide ministry to hurting individuals and communities and bring redemptive purpose with the power of Scriptural principles.

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Area Directors